Natural Fiber Composite Mat
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 Introduction of Natural Fiber Composite Material

Automotive interior parts made from natural fiber composite material are easy to dismantle and degrade. The whole processing will not involve any flue gas and rubbish which pollute the environment. Natural fiber composite material is also recyclable and reusable.

They are with the characteristics of high strength, excellent mechanical capacity, thermal insulation, sound insulation, light-weighted, low density, easy-molded.
Natural fiber material used for vehicles has passed the VOC and other property tests by SGS\RELABLE\INTERK\VKAN.
Features of Natural Fiber Composite Material

*Green   *Eco-friendly      *Recyclable     *Low Density         *Reuse   
*Safe    *Easily Formed     *Light-weight   *Sound Absorption    *Thermal Insulation
Application Examples



      Door Panel                        Insert & Map Bag                    Glove Box        


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